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  "I needed all 4 of our offices hooked together on a secure network and only had 5 days to complete this job. Thank you, Bits 'n PCs, for making this project so smooth and efficient. I will outsource all our networking needs to you guys from now on!
- Jack Hemrich - Stevens Point

"When I contacted Bits 'n PCs to set up my small business network I was surprised as to how professional and how knowledgeable and friendly your entire team was. I will definitely use your services in the future!
- Kathleen Marcus - Wausau

"When our home computer became infected with a virus, I did not know what to do as all my records were on my computer with no backup. I was so pleased with your company being able to save my information and fix my computer. I will be using your company for routine computer maintenance from now on."
- Stanley Johnson - Marshfield
      Welcome to Bits 'n PCs Computer Services!
  Business Computer Repair
Business Computer Repair Services! If you have one or multiple computers (PCs, laptops) that require repair, a cleaning or a tune-up, Bits 'n PCs can help! Our PC Professionals provide our most valued customers with a single source to contact for service in one or many locations.
   Home Computer Repair
Home Computer Repair Services As a homeowner with a personal computer you know only too well how a computer glitch can cause frustration and raise your stress level to an all-time high, not to mention loss of personal data and even worse. Bits 'n PCs can help you not only save your important data, but also prevent many like incidents in the future with our PC tune-up and maintenance services.
   Other Bits 'n PCs Services
Other Bits 'n PCs Services Bits 'n PCs' also offers website development and website hosting at very competitive rates. Need a host to keep your website up and available to the world 24x7? We have been delivering this service to thousands of satisfied customers for well over 25 years -- since 1995 to be exact.

Spring Special!!!   

Computer slow? Crashing? Locking up?
Bits 'n PCs has a complete CleanUp/TuneUp/SpeedUp service for your PC(s) (home or business) that includes the elimination of spyware, malware, viruses, hacks, intrusions, registry errors and more. Bring in your PC or Laptop and we'll speed it up and have it in better working order for you in a matter of hours for only $99 for a LIMITED TIME and we believe you'll agree that this service is 2nd to none!
Computer Tuneup, Cleanup, Speedup
It's fast, easy and very reasonable! 

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