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About Bits 'n PCs
  "I needed all 4 of our offices hooked together on a secure network and only had 5 days to complete this job. Thank you, Bits 'n PCs, for making this project so smooth and efficient. I will outsource all our networking needs to you guys from now on!
- Jack Hemrich - Stevens Point

"When I contacted Bits 'n PCs to set up my small business network I was surprised as to how professional and how knowledgeable and friendly your entire team was. I will definitely use your services in the future!
- Kathleen Marcus - Wausau

"When our home computer became infected with a virus, I did not know what to do as all my records were on my computer with no backup. I was so pleased with your company being able to save my information and fix my computer. I will be using your company for routine computer maintenance from now on."
- Stanley Johnson - Marshfield
      The Bits 'n PCs Team

The Bits 'n PCs team consists of the following executive personnel: 

Ben Poppy
Ben has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems. He is a Computer Technician and Systems Administrator with over 15 years experience. He has worked on systems from home use to over 300 computer LANs and WANs. Ben Poppy
Carol Hrusovszky
Carol has more than 30 years experience in Back Office Applications as well as an accounting background to keep operations flowing smoothly. Carol has managed various businesses from small, 'Mom and Pop' businesses to large multi-million dollar corporations. Carol Hrusovszky
John Hrusovszky
John has over 30 years experience in business, customer service, networking and computer operation as well as web design and more. John has started and very sucessfully managed various businesses in his career, from home satellite sales and service to parabolic dish design services, to an internet startup business (T-Net) that grew to millions of dollars of revenue in a short time. John Hrusovszky
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